Helpful Materials

Check out our range of printable materials to help you understand the Earned Income Tax Credit, so you and your family can get the most money back in your pocket this tax season.

Fact Sheets

What is the EITC? Are you eligible? How do you get it? Check out our collection of fact sheets to help you get the answers to these questions and more!

10 Tax Tips For The Self-Employed
Are You Eligible for the CalEITC Cash Back Refund?
Benefits Checklist
Do You Need More Money For Food?
Haven’t Filed Your Taxes Yet?
If You Are Eligible for CalEITC, You May Also Be Eligible For…
Turn your Cal EITC tax refund into your emergency fund
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Customizable Materials

You don’t need to design your own CalEITC educational materials from scratch. Just download the file you want and add your logo to ours! Need help adding your logo? Click here for instructions

Are You Eligible for the CalEITC Cash Back Refund?
Get Your EITC Cash Back Refund For Free!
Make the Most Out of Your EITC Cash Back Refund
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Partner Toolkits

Check out these free resources to educate your clients and your community about the Earned Income Tax Credit.

CalEITC4Me Post-Tax Day Tool Kit
CalEITC4Me Women and Children Tool Kit
CalEITC4Me in Schools Tool Kit
CalEITC Week 2018 Tool Kit
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