CalEITC4Me Founder Joe Sanberg Releases Statement on Gov. Brown’s Revised Budget and Expansion of Cal EITC

Los Angeles, CA: Today, Governor Brown released his 2018-2019 revised state budget proposal. The revise includes expansion of the California Earned Income Tax Credit (Cal EITC) to workers between the ages of 18-25 and above 64. It also adjusts income limits to reflect the minimum wage increase to $12 per hour in 2019, ensuring those who work fulltime minimum wage jobs are able to claim the Cal EITC.

CalEITC4Me Founder Joe Sanberg released the following statement:

“1 of 5 Californians live in poverty and 1 of 2 Californians could not afford a $400 surprise expense; today the Governor has shown how essential it is to strengthen one of the best tools we have to fight poverty and make work pay better by expanding the California Earned Income Tax Credit. We applaud his bold leadership to put even more money back in the pockets of even more Californians by including younger workers just beginning their careers as well as those over 64 who are still working hard.

With effective outreach, this expansion will mean that more low-income Californians can afford life’s basic needs such as healthcare, transportation, housing and food. We look forward to working with the Legislature to invest in the outreach needed so that the Cal EITC can reach its full potential.”

Gov. Brown’s full revised budget can be found here: