CalEITC4Me Reaches 1 Million+ Families Through Back-to-School Effort

‘Back-To-School’ Campaign For Working Parents To Claim Cash For Their Kids

Los Angeles, CA: CalEITC4Me, the statewide organization that has helped over 2 million people claim $4 billion in state and federal earned income tax credit, has reached its goal of contacting 1 million families this school year so far. An important part of this anti-poverty program is that California workers can claim the CalEITC any time of the year, not just during tax season. As part of CalEITC4Me’s year round organizing model, the back-to-school campaign is a concerted statewide effort in partnership with local school districts to inform incoming families about the benefits of this proven anti-poverty program. CalEITC4Me organizers have fanned the state to participate in back-to-school night events and parent leader meetings to get multi-lingual materials into the hands of 1 million parents. Tactics are listed below.

“Many families across the state struggle to earn enough to support the rising costs of housing, transportation, health care, and child care. This in turn affects each child’s opportunity for success inside and outside the classroom,” California State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson said. “Our support of this campaign can directly help our neediest families thrive and assist the millions of school children who live in poverty.”

“We have the tools to end poverty—and the key is outreach,” said Josh Fryday, President of CalEITC4Me. “The majority of those who are eligible for the California Earned Income Tax Credit are women with children; reaching them through their schools is a sure-fire way to help them claim the money they’ve worked so hard for.”

Nearly 60% of California workers who file for the tax credit are women and 70% are parents. According to the Franchise Tax Board, 9 out of 10 dollars claimed go to workers with children, helping to pay for their basic needs such as food, clothing, healthcare and housing. Four of five of those children are people of color and half are Latino. Already this year, 1.4 million people have claimed the CalEITC.

CalEITC4Me’s back-to-school campaign tactics included:

  • The California Department of Education sent information on the Cal EITC and CalEITC4Me to each County and District Superintendent across the state to share with potentially eligible parents in the districts.
  • Nearly 15,000 free backpacks containing school supplies and information on the Cal EITC have been distributed to families throughout Los Angeles and the Inland Region.
  • CalEITC4Me has distributed flyers to 100,000 students in the Inland Region and and 187,000 in the Los Angeles-area through participating school districts including San Bernardino, Colton, Fontana, Moreno Valley, LAUSD, Compton Unified, Lancaster Unified School District and Alta Public Schools.
  • CalEITC4Me is working directly with participating school districts to send information directly to their parents of 270,000 children in the Los Angeles-area and 204,000 children in the Inland Region.
  • CalEITC4Me is texting nearly 200,000 parents across the state who are likely eligible to claim the Cal EITC.
  • CalEITC4Me is reaching over 300,000 parents across the state likely to be eligible to claim the Cal EITC on Facebook.
  • CalEITC4Me is hosting train the trainers sessions with the Parent Leaders of the Parent Engagement Centers from LAUSD and Compton Unified School District.