Dear Board Member, Administrator, Educator,

Did you know that the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is the most effective anti-poverty tool on record? The EITC is a cash back tax credit that puts money back into the pockets of working families and individuals. California established the Cal EITC in 2015 to work in companion with the federal EITC and since, CalEITC4Me has worked to secure nearly $3 billion in California and federal EITC funds directly to almost 2,000,000 families across the state.

Nine out of ten Cal EITC dollars go to families with dependent children of school age and yet only one in five of those eligible know of the refund. Eligibility of the Cal EITC — income below $22,300 for a family with kids— almost mirrors the income threshold for being required to file taxes, which is $20,800. This means that many of those who can receive it may not be filing taxes and therefore potentially leaving behind up to $6,000.

Inside this toolkit you’ll find some valuable tools to reach out to your students’ parents and guardians. Your help in reaching these families is vital as trusted messengers are key in outreach. You can also visit to find this toolkit and additional resources such as an estimated refund calculator, free tax prep finder, and more.

We hope you will take advantage of the tools presented here. And as always, if you ever have any questions, comments, or ideas, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

For more information, or to get involved contact:

Josh Fryday

Sebastien Chaubard

What’s inside the toolkit:
  • Back to school flyer
  • Sample letter to parents
  • Social media art
  • Website share buttons
  • and much more!

“I am excited to remind you of a statewide campaign I sponsor with other state leaders… Our support of this campaign can directly help our neediest families thrive and assist the millions of school children who live in poverty. You are a critical point of contact for your families and communities. Please join us as a CalEITC4Me champion today. Together we can make sure that each California student has all the tools they need to succeed.”

Tom Torlakson,
California State Superintendent
of Public Instruction.

Sample Letter To Parents


We’d like to draw your attention to new important resource – the California Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). It’s a cash back tax refund that you, or someone you know, may be eligible to receive. If you worked last year, received cash, a 1099 Form or W-2, and made around $22,300 or less, you may eligible to receive the Cal EITC. Californians that qualify for the Cal EITC will likely also qualify for the federal EITC.

If you’ve already filed your 2017 taxes, it’s easy to file an amendment to claim the EITC. If you haven’t filed your 2017 taxes because you weren’t required to, you can file to claim the EITC at any time without penalty. Go to to find out how.

Please review the attached flyer or visit to check your eligibility and use the refund calculator to estimate your potential refund. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to:

Sebastien Chaubard, (510) 468-0872

Download sample letter in English and Spanish

Download flyer attachment: English version | Spanish version