Mayor Michael Tubbs and CalEITC4Me Urge Working Families to Claim Earned Income Tax Credit

Nearly $40 Million in Refunds Unclaimed by San Joaquin Residents

Contact: Marika Rose, 916.601.9737

Stockton – In an effort to spread the word about the earned income tax credit (EITC), Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs will visit Villa Monterey Family Resource Center to meet with tax preparation volunteers and EITC eligible families.

Each year, thousands of San Joaquin working families do not claim the EITC they’ve earned. Nearly $40 million in federal EITC is unclaimed each year in the county and more than 30% of households eligible for state EITC did not claim CalEITC refunds in 2016.

“In San Joaquin County, more than 22,000 federal EITC returns are left unclaimed each year, with an average unclaimed refund of $1,792,” said City of Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs. “We want working families to know that if they made up to $54,000 in 2006 they can file their taxes for free to claim these cash refunds.”

“The EITC is one of the most effective tools to help working Californians stretch their income and create economic security,” added Josh Fryday, president, Golden State Opportunity and CalEITC4Me “Many people don’t file taxes, and they don’t know they’re missing out on substantial EITC refunds. This is extra income that families can use for education, food, housing and transportation.”

“With only weeks until the April 18 tax deadline, we want families that made $54,000 or less in 2016 to know that there are VITA Free Tax Prep services conveniently located close to where they live and work,” added Mayor Michael Tubbs. is an online hub for tools and resources to help eligible lower income families and individuals find out how much of a refund they can expect and where they can get file their taxes for free, in their neighborhood with information in Spanish and Mandarin.

What: Mayor Michael Tubbs visits Villa Monterey Family Resource Center to encourage families to file their taxes for free and claim EITC refunds up to $6,000.  

When:   Tuesday, March 28

                  12:00 p.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Where: Villa Monterey Family Resource Center

                 4707 Kentfield Road, Suite C

                Stockton, CA 95207

Who:   Mayor Michael Tubbs

            Meagan Hamby, Villa Monterey Family Resource Center

            Mai Vang, VITA program manager

            Josh Fryday, president, Golden State Opportunity and CalEITC4Me

            VITA volunteer tax preparers

            CalEITC eligible individuals

Visuals and Interview Opportunities:

Volunteer tax preparers helping families determine their eligibility for state and federal EITC refunds, and with filing their taxes for free. Mayor Michael Tubbs visiting with staff and families.



CalEITC4Me is statewide outreach and education campaign to spread awareness of the state and federal Earned Income Tax Credit and put more money into the hands of hard-working Californians. CalEITC4ME is a one-stop, multilingual online hub of information and interactive resources. To learn more about CalEITC4Me, click here.